∙ Level 2 = Taking weekly classes for less than 1.5 years, finished a bootcamp or a few beginner workshops.
∙ Level 3 = Taking weekly class for 1.5+ years, WSDC 1 point. If not sure, please send us a message.

🍔 Food for dinner is not provided but we will share with you a list of where to eat in the area.
🏆 Fun J&J has no additional costs, but there is the chance to win prizes!

Email wcsamsterdam@gmail.com with your Level # and if you're Leader/Follower. (Skip this if you were previously registered to Dutch Swing Festival.)

∙ €35 per person online (bank transfer) > Preferred option!
∙ €45 at the door (cash only)
∙ €15 party only (cash only)

Don't forget to mark yourself as "Attending" on this event!

Bank transfer to:
Note: "WCS Day Feb 29"

Email us: wcsamsterdam@gmail.com
Message us: Pureswingdance

See you very soon!

Each year we manage to bring you a teaching staff who is able to both entertain and inspire us as dancers!

Very happy to give you your best West Coast Swing experience:


PureSwing Dance



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