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Results NeverlandSwing 2017


1. West Coast Swing Helsinki – Robert Toth and Marzia Pellecchia
2. Jingle Land – Imbratta Gerald and Janette Fox

Strictly Novice

1. Scotland Swing Classic – Sebastian Mielnicki and Agnieszka Orzeł
2. Kiwi Westie Fest – Cliff Pereira and Kathrin Schallenberg

Strictly Open

1. Budafest 2018 – Arnaud Thomas and Gwendoline Ingelaere
2. Swing Resolution 2018 – Stanley Seguy and Maïna Vila Cobarsi
3. Insomnia – De la Mancha Jose and Charlotte Mennetrey

JnJ Newcomers

1. Citadel Swing – Arvid Hamersma and Mira Bereuther
2. Riga Summer Swing – Arvid Hamersma and Andrea Diwald
3. Dutch Swing Festival – Peter Puelinckx and Carlijn Geukers

JnJ Novice

1. Anchor Festival – Carsten Schoettler and Olena Goncharenko
2. Paris Westie Fest – Cliff Pereira and Stefanie Frommel
3. Westie Nances – Amaury BLEUSE and Agnieszka Orzel

JnJ Intermediate

1. Moscow Westie Fest – Kevin Rocher and Stella maria Schletterer
2. NeverlandSwing – Jeremy Legendre and Raushaniya Maksudova
3. Italian Open – Christopher Piffel and Stéphanie Bruwier

JnJ Advanced

1. European WCS All-Star Championship – Sven Allegaert and Gwendoline Ingelaere
2. Korean Westie Fest – Zoltan Jaszai and Maina Vila Cobarsi
3. Dutch Open – Arnaud Thomas and Maina Vila Cobarsi

JnJ All-Star

1. TAP-The After Party – Stanley Seguy and Iryna Polikovskaya
2. Norway Westie Fest – Peducasse Alexandre and Christelle Antenucci
3. Midland Swing Open – Piotr Lenart and Iryna Polikovskaya

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