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The purpose of PureSwing Dance is to create a big dancing platform within the Dutch West Coast Swing community. This means that we are commited to develop both our WCS students as well as passioned WCS instructors.

We are 24/7 active on Facebook, Instagram and other media just to make sure that you are up to date with anything that goes on in The Netherlands.

With our specialized programs throughout the country we  are able to reach many dancers from other dancing styles to connect with West Coast Swing.

We have been succesful in Ballroom, Salsa and Zouk organisations.

PureSwing Dance prides itself in teaching West Coast Swing in such a way that every student is able to engage in competition and will feel a liberating level of comfort to express themself on the social dancefloor


Gordon Mac Donald

Owner | Instructor


Jennifer Liu

Organiser | Instructor

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